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Fixing Electricity Lines

Technical Services

Energi Talent Resourcing specializes in engineering solutions for the global energy, power, and infrastructure sectors markets, including the Oil and Gas, Renewables, and Infrastructure industries.

Our comprehensive services include fabrication, design, commissioning, engineering, and project management.

We have a proven track record in supporting the 

fabrication, commissioning, and operation of offshore platforms, FPSOs, pipelines, and onshore processing

As a trusted partner, Energi Talent Resourcing provides technical specialists who excel in delivering outsourced engineering projects from concept to completion. We collaborate closely with our clients, supporting them throughout the entire project life cycle, from feasibility

studies to construction, commissioning, and operations. 
With a global reach, Energi Talent Resourcing has demonstrated expertise in delivering complex

engineering solutions in remote and challenging



Through our partnership with Energi Talent Resourcing, an international workforce solutions provider, we have the

unique ability to combine our technical experts with the best local talent in the region. This allows us to offer technology staff augmentation, program and managed staffing services,

in addition to our traditional engineering solutions. 

Experience the difference of working with Energi Talent Resourcing, where we leverage our technical prowess, extensive network, and customer-centric approach to

deliver exceptional results. Contact us today to discuss

your engineering needs and explore how we can drive

your project's success. 

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