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Permanent Hire

Unlocking Excellence in Permanent Hire Solutions

to Empower your success.

At FMCG Search , we deeply understand that the strength of a business lies in its people. When it comes to finding the perfect candidate for a permanent appointment, our service offerings transcend mere skill matching and immediate needs. We take a comprehensive approach that aligns your business goals with the ideal candidates, ensuring long-term success and customer satisfaction. 
Sole Agency - Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Success 
Partner exclusively with your dedicated consultant to gain a competitive edge, prioritizing your assignment over contingency searches. 
Achieve an exceptional success rate of 98%, a testament to our commitment to your exclusive search. 

Safeguard your brand equity and enjoy peace of mind with a controlled message to the market, ensuring utmost discretion when necessary. 
Experience a consistent interviewing, referencing, and selection process, guaranteeing only the most qualified candidates are considered. 
Benefit from full market visibility when required, resulting in faster shortlist delivery compared to conventional executive search services. 
Start without any initial financial outlay, as payment is made upon the successful completion of the assignment, minimizing your financial risk. 
Contingent Search - Swift Access to Top Talent :

  • Gain expedited access to a vast pool of active candidates, as well as relevant passive candidates cultivated through our proactive networking approach. 

  • Leverage our extensive network and well-established relationships to tap into hidden talent pools. 

  • Maximize your chances of swiftly finding the right fit, saving valuable time and resources. 

  • Rely on our dedicated team's expertise in identifying and engaging with high-quality candidates. 

  • Receive ongoing support throughout the entire process, from initial search to successful placement.

At FMCG Search, we are committed to delivering tailored recruitment solutions that go beyond expectations.


Our focus is to connect you with exceptional talent who align with your business vision and goals.


Experience the difference with our personalized approach and let us help you achieve long-term success. 

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